By volunteering we help restore the homes of forest animals and stop global warming

Business in the forest cuts down many trees. Seeking only to satisfy their own needs in the name of greater profit. We see how much is being cut down per day and it continues daily. The forest is cut even on Saturdays and Sundays. Such piles pile up and pile up. Finally, they are loaded onto trucks and taken away. 

We buy seedlings from a nursery. One hectare or 10,000 square meters requires between 2,800 and 5,500 seedlings. Voluntary reforestation is very expensive. The price of seedlings is from 2.5 euros to 6.8 euros per unit. Depending on the type of tree and duration of growth. Larger seedlings, grown longer, are more expensive. Large seedlings can be planted further apart, in which case fewer seedlings are needed. We try to plant various seedlings, to restore the natural forest, so that the most diverse animal population can live.

I like to pick mushrooms, its my hobby when I m in nature. I noticed whole areas of cut down trees that were not replanted. From then on, i started volunteering to help plant trees. More volunteers joined the activity. I buy seedlings with my own money, i volunteer for good works. i dry and sell mushrooms, and with the income i buy seedlings. But more is needed, so please contribute.

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