Its important to help the animal and the planet

Business in the forest cuts down many trees. Seeking only to satisfy their own needs in the name of greater profit. We see how much is being cut down per day and it continues daily. The forest is cut even on Saturdays and Sundays. Such piles pile up and pile up. Finally, they are loaded onto trucks and taken away. 

We want this to end. At least not so many that are not cut down, destroying living nature. The cutting must stop, they will cut everything and nothing will be left. This is really very bad news for all of us. For those who love nature and natural animals. Only a small percentage of people care and we really do. We want to help, save.

As a result of the company’s activities, the forest was completely cut down. Left to fate. After many years, there is no way the landscape will recover. What used to be a mature forest. Such activities are done daily. It is a crime against nature.

Cut down forests are left, not replanted. This is a dangerous phenomenon for everyone. All we can do is watch and express concern.

Special cutting areas are masked when cutting starts in the middle of the forest area. When the logging area is expanded until only the trees growing on the edges are left, the beginning of the logging is thus masked. Until all the trees are cut down. And there remains an open field. Thus causing huge damage to flora and fauna.

We are trying to prevent this. However, it is not always possible to notice and stop it in time. The cut areas are not even replanted. We demand that this be done immediately. But it is not done. Companies seek to maximize profits.

Without forest there is no home for animals. Losing a homes and becoming extinct is very stressful for animals. Those who cut trees do not care about animals. Therefore, more and more often, wild animals wander into the surrounding cities for food. They are out of food! Animals living in the forest are afraid of people, that’s natural. But the animal is so hungry that it starts asking people for food. This is a very common phenomenon that happens today. Most do not survive, only units remain. Very sorry.

Destruction of vegetation and extinction of animal species causes irreparable damage to the entire local ecosystem.

Our activity is voluntary conservation of living nature. We try to negotiate not to clear the entire forest. Volunteer to replant the forest. We do this in our free time, we give it our all and we hope to grow. We are enthusiastic, we will never abandon this work. We know that by helping to replant the forest, we stop the warming of the planet and preserve the homes of animals. We are proud of our volunteering.

We don’t give up, although we help a little in comparison, but we can do more. This is what we truly believe and hope for. In the future, we want to see green forests again. Observe the animals living in the forests.

We buy seedlings from a nursery. One hectare or 10,000 square meters requires between 2,800 and 5,500 seedlings. Voluntary reforestation is very expensive. The price of seedlings is from 2.5 euros to 6.8 euros per unit. Depending on the type of tree and duration of growth. Larger seedlings, grown longer, are more expensive. Large seedlings can be planted further apart, in which case fewer seedlings are needed. We try to plant various seedlings, to restore the natural forest, so that the most diverse animal population can live.

Therefore, I must turn to you for help. Volunteer to reforest. Let’s save forests and animals together. Let’s stop climate change. Let’s not let the climate warm. The future of the planet and its well-being depends on us.

We feel good when we help. We hope you feel the same way. Contribute to our work. Over time, we see the vegetation grow and are happy and proud of our hard work.

You can also contribute. Contribute is very important to us.

Can contribute:

Replant forests

Save the animal homes

Stop global warming

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